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English-Hindi > fromage frais

fromage frais meaning in Hindi

fromage frais sentence in Hindi
फ्रॉमैग फ्राइज
fromage    पनीर
frais    आतिथेय धन लागत
1.About 3 / 4 cup fromage frais or fromage blanc, for serving.

2.Other products include fromage frais, yoghurts and the blue cheeses Rosenborg and Danish Blue.

3.Serve, cutting it into wedges at the table and spooning a healthy dollop of fromage frais onto each plate.

4.On a recent day, they had jasmine, red hibiscus, litchi, fromage frais, apricot and orange-nepitella.

5.A spoonful of fromage frais or fromage blanc, both of which are weepy and loose, worked much the way creme fraiche does on tarte Tatin.

6.National Foods also manufactures yoghurt, fromage frais, dairy desserts, cream and cheese under brands that include Yoplait, Fr�che, Divine Classic, YoGo and Farmers Union.

7.I like to make a lighter trifle using fromage frais ( a ricotta-like cheese ) mixed with a good-quality yogurt or the strained Middle Eastern-style yogurt called labneh.

8."Petit-suisse " is a " fromage frais ", an unripened, unsalted, smooth, and creamy cheese with a texture closer to a very thick yogurt than a typical cheese.

9.In France, a traditional home dessert is a bowl of fromage frais, a tangy, curdlike cream made with skim milk that is topped with creme fraiche and sugar ( and sometimes a healthy splash of Armagnac ).

10.Greengage plum and fromage frais mousses are organized into a cool-looking green-and-white-striped cube, with a big, fat ball of lemon-curd ice cream giving the dish the look of a piece of public sculpture.

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