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English-Hindi > fronde

fronde meaning in Hindi

fronde sentence in Hindi
1.1649-French court leaves Paris at outbreak of Fronde Rebellion.

2.This " Spanish Fronde " was almost purely a military affair.

3.In 1649, during the Fronde, Aubervilliers fell into misery.

4.At the end of the Fronde, the Intendants were reinstated.

5.Mazarin feared that an alliance between Cond?and the Fronde was imminent.

6.After the Fronde he engaged in financial affairs, thanks to Fouquet.

7.His moderate attitude during the Fronde permitted him to come through uncompromised.

8.He played an important role in the first hours of the Fronde.

9.The Fronde as a civil war was now over.

10.The Fronde of 1646 53 was also marked by anti-tax riots.

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