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front bencher sentence in Hindi

"front bencher" meaning in Hindi
  • Gorton remained a front bencher but relations with Fraser remained strained.
  • Peter Dutton was the only Opposition front bencher to abstain from the apology.
  • Within the SNP, Gibson was a Shadow Cabinet front bencher from 1997 to 2003.
  • She retained the seat for Labor and was quickly flagged by political commentators as a future Labor front bencher.
  • National front bencher Christopher Finlayson, sworn in as Minister for Treaty of Waitangi negotiations in November 2008, has described the act as " discriminatory and unfair ".
  • However, their celebrations were tempered by the resignation of Conservative front bencher Crispin Blunt, who described the party leader, Iain Duncan Smith as a " handicap " and called for him to be replaced.
  • His official biography wrote that  from the start he assumed the manner of a front bencher and the House accepted him at his own valuation Asquith s deliberate husbanding of his speeches helped to promote his reputation.
  • Shortly afterwards, fellow opposition front bencher Nick Minchin suggested that Turnbull's failure to consult with party colleagues before declaring his opinion to the media on such issues as an apology to the Stolen Generations cost him the leadership.
  • As an Opposition front bencher in 2008 Abbott wrote : " The love and commitment between two people of the same sex can be as strong as that between husband and wife . . . There is more moral quality in a relationship between two people devoted to each other for decades than in many a short-lived marriage.
  • In 2002, Labor front bencher and prominent Left member Lindsay Tanner wrote " The emergence of the Greens . . . is already hurting the ALP's ability to attract new members amongst young people . " During the 2004 campaign, Tanner's own seat of Melbourne in Victoria was thought to be under serious threat by the Greens and he described Greens policies as " mad ".

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