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frons sentence in Hindi

"frons" meaning in Hindi  
  • The'scaenae frons'or backdrop, has remained intact.
  • The face is vertical or retreating and the frons is broad.
  • The frons and upperside of the labial palps is dark brown.
  • The frons and upperside of the labial palps are pale grey.
  • There is an almost circular black spot found on the frons.
  • The eyes connect for three times the length of the frons.
  • The frons is narrow in males, in females it is broad.
  • A large marble wall encloses the back of the stage scaenae frons.
  • The head, frons, palpi and thorax are red-orange.
  • In between the Y-shaped line lies the frontal triangle or frons.
  • In Russian the lateral parts of the frons are termed'orbits '.
  • Pupa is bone colored with a black dorsal stripe on frons and on thorax.
  • Frons and pronotal disc occasionally may have maculae.
  • The frons in both sexes is broad.
  • As a result of to the cancellations, Frons was the subject of widespread criticism.
  • Brian Frons succeeded her in overseeing operations.
  • The frons is that part of the head capsule that lies anteriad of the vertex.
  • The scales of the head are directed forward over the vertex and down the frons.
  • The eyes of the female are separated by a broad frons and consist of separated facets.
  • Its upperparts are dark grey with white frons, and its tail black with white tips.
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