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English-Hindi > gabbling

gabbling meaning in Hindi

gabbling sentence in Hindi
1.We sail off on a sea of gabble, headed happily for the edge.

2.The press is represented by a highly unrepresentative gabble of famous and rich television personalities.

3.Now, even if someone intercepts your wireless data, it's meaningless gabble.

4.As his recovery proceeds, the king savors a moment of relief from his incessant gabbling.

5.The kind of mindless gabble and rhetorical putridities as were voiced on this floor last Friday,

6.I had to struggle daily against the incompetence of men full of gabble about their sacred rights,

7.Sometimes the gulls will sit gesturing and gabbling at each other for minutes at a time . ..

8."Persuasion " contains some of the drawing room gibble-gabble associated with that TV series.

9.Sean meets Bishop Redmond at the sale and starts to gabble in a panic until Billy sends him away.

10.She also speaks in subtitled baby gabble that is generally cruder here than in the books but is still undeniably funny.

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