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English-Hindi > gaiter

gaiter meaning in Hindi

gaiter sentence in Hindi
1.Gaiter was re-signed to the practice squad last year.

2.Not sure if Dr . Gaiters knows of this Wikipedia page.

3._Get a good pair of waterproof boots and gaiters.

4.Bill & Gloria Gaiter And Their Homecoming Friends.

5.Also Tuesday, the Patriots released Tony Gaiter from the practice squad.

6.Wide receiver Tony Gaiter was released from the practice squad.

7.Gaiters may also be worn as protection against snake bites.

8.Gaiters are similar to puttees, a part of numerous military uniforms.

9.It is home to the Bishop's Gaiters football varsity teams.

10.He played CIS football for the Bishop's Gaiters.

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legging consisting of a cloth or leather covering for the leg from the knee to the ankle

a shoe covering the ankle with elastic gores in the sides

a cloth covering (a legging) that covers the instep and ankles
Synonyms: spat,

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