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gallop through sentence in Hindi

"gallop through" meaning in Hindigallop through in a sentence
  • They did not gallop through the streets, shoot, and yell.
  • A cowboy on horseback gallops through an exhibition of paintings in a museum.
  • Already, the Lone Ranger gallops through Rossini's " William Tell"
  • The core of the book is a rambunctious gallop through Bush's six years as governor.
  • The overall gallop through Bronte's significant plot has the teasing quality of a movie trailer.
  • He had to thread Victory Gallop through traffic several times before finally seeing daylight in the shadow of the grandstand.
  • Watching Broken River gallop through the pasture on his good days, it's obvious he still wants to run.
  • Modest Mouse, on the other hand, gallops through backwoods stomps and new-wave ballads and one snappish dance-punk track.
  • Helen-relieved at his return-joyfully agrees, after initial misgivings : follows him on horseback on a wild gallop through the night.
  • And faced with the prospect of repeated gallops through the noonday heat and dust, most donkeys might kick up their heels and call it quits.
  • For the most part, to be there on Sept . 29, 1995, will be a gallop through a time machine to Nov . 17, 1928.
  • In " The Cell's " first scene, Lopez sits astride a black horse that gallops through the desert, dwarfed by gigantic pink dunes.
  • The " New York Times " reviewer wrote that " The overall gallop through Bronte's significant plot has the teasing quality of a movie trailer.
  • Closer up, the only thing that confirms a herd of wild horses did not gallop through is that horses would have left bigger fissures in the turf _ maybe.
  • Death Valley had been seen in hundreds of westerns, but they were all shot from the bottoms of the canyons, because that s where horses could gallop through.
  • Although they can only guess what the rebels might offer Zaire, fresh recruits and hordes of jubilant citizens are rallying to their cause as the insurgency gallops through the countryside.
  • She fairly gallops through her speeches _ the whole play feels hurried, with great chunks seemingly lopped off _ with no consideration of Mary's own, subtler venom.
  • Old CIA war-horses gallop through the U . S . chat shows, Stasi agents live on West German pensions, and the KGB have taken up private enterprise.
  • Sigurd then switches bodies with Gunnar and, in this guise, gallops through the fire and wins Brynhild again, who is deceived by this ruse into marrying the real Gunnar.
  • For the first time in their 100-day gallop through the 10 items of their Contract With America, House Republican leaders have had to postpone a vote for lack of support.
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