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galloped sentence in Hindi

"galloped" meaning in Hindi  
  • Both horses galloped this morning and loved the track being muddy.
  • He galloped out six furlongs in 1 : 13.40.
  • Boswell jumped onto her horse and galloped away from the plane.
  • Class 1-1100m str : Pythagoras galloped in the straight.
  • Worldly Manner looked like he finished strong and galloped out well,
  • The condition was more evident when Amiable walked than when she galloped
  • One morning he and a few followers galloped off and disappeared.
  • They galloped away as if trying to flee a swarm of wasps.
  • He galloped under his exercise rider and came back fine.
  • And the trainer reported : " All of them galloped strong.
  • But as she gasped, her heart and legs galloped.
  • Stevens galloped the horse and I thought nothing about it.
  • Touch Gold then galloped around the Belmont Park main track.
  • The tan, 400-pound animal quickly galloped off.
  • The colt galloped one mile Thursday, and then his trainer said:
  • I literally galloped her to the three-eighths pole.
  • To the rescue galloped a Boston promoter, Woolf Associates.
  • She walked them, groomed them and eventually galloped them.
  • The baby's heart galloped along at 150 beats a minute.
  • Boswell jumped back onto her horse and galloped away from the plane.
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