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English-Hindi > given name

given name meaning in Hindi

given name sentence in Hindi
• प्रथम नाम

• प्रदत्त नाम
• प्रदत्‍त नाम
given    पूर्वानुमान देखते
name    उपनाम शीर्षक
1.But Albert has never called Parcells by his given name : Duane.

2.Her given name is Marjorie, but she has always been called Mo.

3.Power, whose given name is Oli Grant, has seen it all before.

4.She then changed her given name to Dagmar and then to Bobbe.

5.He noted that he shared his given name, Enrico, with his grandfather.

6.Mann is a native of China whose given name is Ning Yu.

7.Nelly, whose given name is Cornell Haynes Jr ., shrugged off criticism.

8.Fearing reprisals from the government, he gave only his given name, Duc.

9.By the customs of his people, he used only his given name.

10.The excavators found some papers wrapped in plastic that bear six given names.

the name that precedes the surname
Synonyms: first name, forename,

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