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English-Hindi > grassland

grassland meaning in Hindi

grassland sentence in Hindi
1.The grassland passed by and we headed up into the hills.

2.Finally, the purchase would not deprive Oklahoma of its grasslands.

3.The loss of grassland birds is not unique to the Northeast.

4.But they prefer woodlands and the edges between forests and grasslands.

5.So it might be bad for grasslands in the long run.

6.This was undeveloped grassland, the home of traditional African tribes.

7.This is a grasslands area with the mountains rising above it.

8.Q . Why were the grasslands of the United States grasslands?

9.Q . Why were the grasslands of the United States grasslands?

10.Martinkovic said the refuge hoped to restore grasslands in the area.

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land where grass or grasslike vegetation grows and is the dominant form of plant life

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