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English-Hindi > groggy

groggy meaning in Hindi

groggy sentence in Hindi
1.Hostetler suffered a concussion and was still groggy after the game.

2.Okcuoglu told reporters that he had found Ocalan well but groggy.

3.Steve Young said he didn't feel groggy this time.

4.Right now the topic is still groggy, half-asleep.

5."He's feeling a little groggy,"

6.But plan on being groggy for at least an hour afterward.

7.His wife was so groggy that she did not even answer.

8.Though she was groggy, Walsh remembers those final minutes clearly.

9.Poploskie, his voice slurred and groggy, said by telephone.

10.Roenick was too groggy to speak to reporters after the game.

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stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)
Synonyms: dazed, foggy, logy, stuporous,

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