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English-Hindi > habitability

habitability meaning in Hindi

habitability sentence in Hindi
1.Planetary habitability of red dwarf systems is subject to some debate.

2.Crew comfort and habitability were an integral part of the design.

3.Further internal alterations improved both her fighting capacity and her habitability.

4.The availability of fresh water determines the habitability of an environment.

5.Some devoted most of the house to blocks, losing habitability.

6.See Habitability of red dwarf systems for a mention of this.

7.He also discussed human geography and the planetary habitability of the Earth.

8.However, further research casts doubt upon the planet's habitability.

9.The habitability area with bunks is located under the bridge.

10.Another crucial factor in habitability is temperature and atmospheric properties.

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suitability for living in or on
Synonyms: habitableness,

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