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English-Hindi > habitant

habitant meaning in Hindi

noun plural: habitants   
habitant sentence in Hindi
1.Les habitants sont des Nagots, r�jouint apr�s par les Lokpa.

2.For example, 1, 714 habitants were recorded in 1960.

3.In 2006, Mocka moved on to JS Vieux-Habitants.

4.Francophone opinion among the rural habitants towards France turned negative after 1793.

5.Likewise, a seigneur did not have many responsibilities towards his habitants.

6.Firstly, habitants were expected to cultivate and live on the land.

7.By 1950, there were 823 habitants in the parish.

8.The 1970 census counted 5, 646, 166 habitants.

9.The habitants supported Britain in the War of 1812 against the United States.

10.This smaller market in New France meant that habitants had little surplus wealth.

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a person who inhabits a particular place
Synonyms: inhabitant, dweller, denizen, indweller,

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