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habitual criminal sentence in Hindi

"habitual criminal" meaning in Hindihabitual criminal in a sentence
  • Waters faced up to 99 years in prison as an habitual criminal.
  • He got federal money to start a habitual criminal prosecution program.
  • Merchants said that habitual criminals circumvent video cameras by wearing hoods.
  • The habitual criminal is a person who habitually retains stupid lawyers . . ..
  • Prosecutors will try to prove King is a habitual criminal to increase his sentence.
  • Many also are habitual criminals or drug abusers and are prone to lash out.
  • Guys have been monitored, habitual criminals have been spoken to,
  • Even before the shootout, authorities considered Brown a habitual criminal.
  • It may be given for " drug kingpins " and " habitual criminals ".
  • "There are penalties for players who're habitual criminals, that give away penalties all the time.
  • SAN FRANCISCO _ The speech began : " I am classified as an habitual criminal.
  • In 1933, they enacted the Law Against Dangerous Habitual Criminals and Measures for Protection and Recovery.
  • Bock was then taken back to the Dunedin Supreme Court, and was declared an habitual criminal.
  • Prosecutors offered Waters a deal : He pleaded guilty to theft and the habitual criminal charge.
  • Police said Brits was a habitual criminal who served 13 years in prison after being sentenced in 1980.
  • He generally divided habitual criminals into the mentally healthy and the mentally abnormal, the latter being the'psychopathic'criminal types.
  • The agency says Wyatt resisted treatment and is a habitual criminal who should remain in a prison setting indefinitely.
  • Hence, labeling either habitual criminals or those who have caused serious harm as " criminals " is not constructive.
  • Berry was indicted for the murder and kidnapping of Mary Bounds, and as a habitual criminal on March 1, 1988.
  • He made his final film in 1959, when he played a habitual criminal in " Anatomy of a Murder ".
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