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habituate sentence in Hindi

"habituate" meaning in Hindihabituate in a sentence
  • Two of the adult bears have become habituated to his company.
  • Use your stereo to gradually habituate the pet to loud noises.
  • When habituated to human presence, they may tolerate close approach.
  • Eventually the cast became habituated with the shoot and became comfortable.
  • After the 17th century, Portuguese colonizers started habituating the land.
  • Unlike the P3b, the P3a will habituate with repeated presentations.
  • Infants were habituated to the stimulus and looking time was recorded.
  • None has spent as much time with individual habituated animals.
  • Careless people allowed these bears to become habituated and food-conditioned.
  • "It's something I never habituate to,"
  • Keepers were careful to avoid habituating the bears to humans.
  • We've been habituated with Adil's tricks long enough.
  • Participants practise a learnt series of steps to habituate the calming method.
  • Six social groups have been found, two of which are habituated.
  • -- Use your stereo to gradually habituate the pet to loud noises.
  • Without realizing it, we become habituated to this false world . ..
  • It was one of DeBruyn's habituated bears.
  • We've been habituated of this dishonest method.
  • And easiest to learn for someone habituated to basic?
  • The Skanda Puranas mention that Saraswat Brahmins habituated North vindyagiri ( Kashmir ).
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