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habituate to sentence in Hindi

"habituate to" meaning in Hindihabituate to in a sentence
  • Two of the adult bears have become habituated to his company.
  • When habituated to human presence, they may tolerate close approach.
  • Infants were habituated to the stimulus and looking time was recorded.
  • "It's something I never habituate to,"
  • Without realizing it, we become habituated to this false world . ..
  • And easiest to learn for someone habituated to basic?
  • Due to the habituates to humans or is in a condition of severe starvation.
  • The guides clearly like the gorillas, who have been slowly habituated to human contact.
  • There is published concern that people habituate to the ubiquitous noise, diminishing its effectiveness.
  • The orange one and my tabby were both huge bruisers and habituated to kicking cat butt.
  • In experimentation with unreliable signalers, individuals became habituated to incorrect calls from a specific individual.
  • Due to their stationary and often predictable nature, wildlife quickly become habituated to propane cannons.
  • It becomes habituated to the noise.
  • While these devices have been shown to be successful, predators can become habituated to them.
  • You habituate to your own smell.
  • Furthermore, for those habituated to caffeine, an extra dose may have little or no effect.
  • People seem to habituate to events that are similar in content and type and strength of emotion.
  • The park is a wildlife refuge and the local iguana population has become quite habituated to humans.
  • What had the druggy frisson may not anymore, because people have habituated to those type of images.
  • "I won't say baiting doesn't contribute to bears habituating to human scent.
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