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English-Hindi > habituate to

habituate to meaning in Hindi

habituate to sentence in Hindi
अभ्यस्त करना
habituate    अभ्यस्त बना करना
to    बन्द अवस्था में
1.Two of the adult bears have become habituated to his company.

2.When habituated to human presence, they may tolerate close approach.

3.Infants were habituated to the stimulus and looking time was recorded.

4."It's something I never habituate to,"

5.Without realizing it, we become habituated to this false world . ..

6.And easiest to learn for someone habituated to basic?

7.Due to the habituates to humans or is in a condition of severe starvation.

8.The guides clearly like the gorillas, who have been slowly habituated to human contact.

9.There is published concern that people habituate to the ubiquitous noise, diminishing its effectiveness.

10.The orange one and my tabby were both huge bruisers and habituated to kicking cat butt.

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