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English-Hindi > habitude

habitude meaning in Hindi

habitude sentence in Hindi
1.The line has been bought by Barneys New York and Les Habitudes in Los Angeles.

2.Habitude, which offers herbal body masks and facials, has locations in both Ballard ( 5350 Ballard Ave.

3.Opium, Sanahunt, Al'Ostura, Harvey Nichols, Les Habitudes, H . Lorenzo and Royal Flash.

4.In fact, Les Habitudes is the quintessential example of what Robertson Boulevard offers _ expensive goods that no one exactly needs.

5.In 1996, he met Andras Ruszanov who wrote a Hungarian lyrics version of Comme d'habitude / My Way for him.

6.M . BoyX comme d habitude il s empiffrer de croquettes pour chat, tout le monde peu ?peu semi a dormi ?suivre

7.In the mid-1960s, Costa moved from New York to My Way " ( from the French " Comme d'habitude " ).

8.Also, while other money personality systems define a person as being only one type, the Money Habitudes methodology characterizes people as a combination of multiple money types.

9.Michel Perey took the lead in the migration six years ago, when he left his Melrose digs to reopen Les Habitudes, his clothing store, on the boulevard.

10.In 1967, he and Jacques Revaux wrote and composed a song in French called " Comme d'habitude " ( " As Usual " ), which became a hit in Francophone countries.

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habitual mode of behavior

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