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English-Hindi > hack saw

hack saw meaning in Hindi

hack saw sentence in Hindi

धातुकाट आरी
धातुकार आरी
hack    किराये का घोड़ा काट
saw    कहावत प्रवाद मसल
1.Hack saw the new museum as he died in 1985.

2.I cannot imagine the Queen nipping out to the garage with a hack saw one night.

3.Cut the bolt off with your hack saw, working carefully to avoid damaging the threads any more than necessary.

4.He mumbles, " I father fear . " He exams Zoe's cut leg, leaves the room, and then returns with a hack saw.

5.I tried cutting the end off one of these with a hack saw but the threads got all damaged and they would not screw into the existing threaded holes.

6.A convicted murderer and four other prisoners broke out of a detention facility early Wednesday after cutting through the bars of their cell window with a hack saw blade, police said.

7.In New Mexico, Sara Tancredi ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) remains submerged in the motel bathtub as Agent Paul Kellerman ( Paul Adelstein ) unwraps a body bag and a hack saw.

8.The shears are good for cutting through a single layer of sheet metal, but use a hack saw with a fine-tooth blade ( 32 teeth per inch ) to cut through the seams.

9.With help from cranes at the surface, the teams plan to slip a huge, sharp-edge cable underneath the wreck, then slide it back and forth like a hack saw to slice up the ship.

10.9 . Numerous tools, including mechanical drills, drill bits, hack saw blades, wire cutters, and a roll of solder, all of which would be necessary to convert the materials I have described above into a pipe bomb.

saw used with one hand for cutting metal
Synonyms: hacksaw, metal saw,

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