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English-Hindi > hacksaw

hacksaw meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: sawn   verb past participle: sawn   
hacksaw sentence in Hindi
1.XTRA-AM re-hires Lee " Hacksaw"

2.You can also use a hacksaw blade to cut holding nails.

3._Anyone else hear the interview Lee " Hacksaw"

4.A . Try cutting the heads off with a hacksaw blade.

5.You can also use an ordinary hacksaw to make the cut.

6.April 16 : Radio's Lee " Hacksaw"

7.Police found two hacksaw blades in the water near the statue.

8.She also gives him a fourth hacksaw for him to escape.

9.A manual hacksaw will take a lot off time and effort.

10.StuRat, you don't think a hacksaw would work?

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saw used with one hand for cutting metal
Synonyms: hack saw, metal saw,

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