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hacksaw blade sentence in Hindi

"hacksaw blade" meaning in Hindi
  • Inside the boxes, police recovered body parts and hacksaw blades, Guidice said.
  • If these methods fail, saw the nut off with a hacksaw blade.
  • It might have been just a small piece of a hacksaw blade.
  • You can also use a hacksaw blade to cut holding nails.
  • Police found two hacksaw blades in the water near the statue.
  • The company was founded in 1915 by ten employees to produce hacksaw blades.
  • A . Try cutting the heads off with a hacksaw blade.
  • Cut these with a hacksaw blade, then pull the frame out.
  • Or you could cut it off with a hacksaw blade.
  • Using a hacksaw blade in a saber saw will guarantee chipping of all edges.
  • Hacksaw blades are normally quite brittle fracture of the blade.
  • A : Use a hacksaw blade without a handle.
  • It might have just been a hacksaw blade,
  • He uses long, flexible hammers made from ground-down hacksaw blades, with wooden blocks attached to the ends.
  • Further investigations discovered used hacksaw blades and cloth used to disguise the broken line at the scene.
  • The hacksaw blades had been supplied by Jackson, who spent nine months in jail as a result.
  • I've found that the hacksaw blade keeps getting stuck when I try to saw through anything large.
  • The only other way that I know of is to use a hacksaw blade in a saber saw.
  • Prior to sentencing, hacksaw blades were found in Dunn's cell and he later confessed to planning a jail break.
  • Pull out the split pieces, then use a hacksaw blade to cut the nails that held the damaged shingle.
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