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hadley cell meaning in Hindi

hadley cell sentence in Hindi

हैडली सेल
cell    बिल कुटीर बैटरी
1.The Hadley cell is an example of a global-scale thermal loop.

2.Hadley cells exist on either side of the equator.

3.The large scale tropical overturning cell is referred to as the Hadley cell.

4.Also, in a warming climate the Hadley cell could increase the severity of climate.

5.Ferrel improved upon the concept of the Hadley cell by compensating for the Coriolis effect.

6.Such a large Hadley cell is only possible on a slowly rotating world such as Titan.

7.This is called the Hadley cell.

8.This circulation is known as the Hadley cell and leads to the formation of the subtropical ridge.

9.Earth has Hadley cells north and south of its equator, leading to additional cells by latitude.

10.The ITCZ is effectively a tracer of the ascending branch of the Hadley cell, and is wet.

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