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English-Hindi > hadrian

hadrian meaning in Hindi

hadrian sentence in Hindi
1.`We're watching it, " said Hadrian.

2.Almost overnight, Hadrian's walls had turned to stone.

3.In 785, Pope Hadrian I condemned the teaching of Elipandus.

4.From Greece, Hadrian proceeded by way of Asia to Egypt.

5.In Emperor Hadrian's reign, the temple on Mt.

6.Archeological evidence survives at sites such as Hadrian's Villa.

7.It is plausible that Hadrian was responding to a military disaster.

8.The biographies cover the emperors from Hadrian to Carinus and Numerian.

9.He also continued Hadrian's policy of humanizing the laws.

10.The Hellenophile emperor Hadrian is renowned for his relationship with Antinous.

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