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English-Hindi > haematite

haematite meaning in Hindi

haematite sentence in Hindi
1.Other components are chalcopyrite, haematite, ilmenite, magnetite and pyrite.

2.Ores such as siderite, limonite and haematite occur too.

3.The colour of haematite depends on the crystal size.

4.Much of these rocks is coloured pink by haematite.

5.Chronology : Stone Age mining of haematite ( as red pigment ) near Sulzburg.

6.It had three coke fired haematite blast furnaces.

7.Mineral deposits such as haematite, calcite and epidote can be seen within these features.

8.This makes mining the ore an expensive proposition compared to typical ironstone or haematite opencasts.

9.Technological improvements in steelmaking reduced the dependence of the British steel industry on Cumbrian haematite.

10.Iron rich haematite is also present.

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the principal form of iron ore; consists of ferric oxide in crystalline form; occurs in a red earthy form
Synonyms: hematite,

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