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English-Hindi > handbasin

handbasin meaning in Hindi

handbasin sentence in Hindi
1.The only handbasin is external and located on the walkway.

2.This also explains why the speed of the swirl is so much lower in a handbasin than in a bathtub.

3.It is sometimes called the "'" handbasin oak " "'because its size and shape suggest a bathroom sink.

4.So 1?bathrooms-means that there are two rooms-one with a bath / shower in it, both having toilet / handbasins.

5.In the US, a proper bathroom-with an actual bath in it counts as'1'- a smaller room with just a toilet and handbasin counts as a " half-bath ".

6.This adjusted, she later washed in the neat and impressive handbasin, with tap, plug and all, mentally apologising for reproaching the British with lack of push-pull sanitation; on removing the plug the water gurgled happily away, emerging immediately around her feet.

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