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English-Hindi > hang together

hang together meaning in Hindi

hang together sentence in Hindi
संगत होना
एक दूसरे की सहायता करना
एक दुसरे का सहायता करना
hang    झुकाव फाँसी देना
together    मिला कर मिल कर मिला
1.The biographical details in " Please Stand By " hang together meaningfully.

2.Beyond the technical difficulties, it's such a huge piece to hang together.

3.Even though we're competing for a job, we kind of hang together.

4.We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

5.Said Ross : " I think our guys have to hang together.

6.Whether it all hangs together to make a coherent point is another matter.

7.But the speech largely pondered how the nation would hang together.

8.In gumbo, a hodgepodge of ingredients hangs together thanks to okra.

9.But considering the variety of approaches, it hangs together reasonably well.

10."We'll all hang together, or we surely will all hang separately,"

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be connected; "In my heart I can make the world hang together"
Synonyms: interdepend,

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