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haywire sentence in Hindi

"haywire" meaning in Hindi
  • Parts are haywire, and in definite need of a fix.
  • No one can pinpoint the precise time the franchise went haywire.
  • It is bad enough when the criminal justice system goes haywire.
  • He created the impression of a computer that had gone haywire.
  • "My nerves went Haywire, " he discloses.
  • When they try to do so, the calculations go haywire.
  • It may seem like the familiar suburban balancing act gone haywire.
  • In the final 20 minutes, the narrative goes completely haywire.
  • Gray sings a lot about love, especially relationships gone haywire.
  • Invoicing, payroll, purchasing systems and others will go haywire.
  • "Washington has gone haywire, " he said.
  • But all plans go haywire when they execute their murder plans.
  • When the animal picked up the rifle, it went haywire.
  • The plan goes haywire after Gunno sends someone to kill Brax.
  • When a local institution goes haywire, who can best address it?
  • But this is a baseball spring gone haywire, all rules suspended.
  • "He goes haywire, " center Greg Ostertag said.
  • In fact, things were haywire most of the time.
  • But the film really goes haywire when it adds a religious dimension.
  • It doesn't meet our expectations and it's haywire.
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