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English-Hindi > headed

headed meaning in Hindi

headed sentence in Hindi
1.Headed by a director-general , it will come under the proposed chief of defence staff establishment and designated deputy chief of defence staff -LRB- intelligence -RRB- .
एक महानिदेशक के नेतृत्व में यह एजेंसी प्रस्तावित चीफ ऑफ ड़िफेंस स्टाफ और ड़िप्टी चीफ ऑफ ड़िफेंस स्टाफ ( खुफिया तंत्र ) के तहत काम करेगी .

having a head of a specified kind or anything that serves as a head; often used in combination; "headed bolts"; "three-headed Cerberus"; "a cool-headed fighter pilot"

having a heading or caption; "a headed column"; "headed notepaper"

of leafy vegetables; having formed into a head; "headed cabbages"

having a heading or course in a certain direction; "westward headed wagons"

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