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English-Hindi > heat absorbing glass

heat absorbing glass meaning in Hindi

heat absorbing glass sentence in Hindi

ऊष्माशोषी कांच
heat    वेग संताप गरम करना
absorbing    अवचूषी अवशोषक
glass    आईना शीशे की वस्तु
1.The current building was designed by Scott Ellinwood and incorporates an energy efficient lighting system that makes use of natural light as much as possible ( clerestories and windows glazed with high-transmittance, heat absorbing glass allow daylight to be used for interior illumination during the day; sensors switch on electric light as daylight fades ).

2.In addition to the tinted, heat absorbing glass, the facade's curtain wall was designed with, light-weight sandwich panels composed of five layers : an outermost layer of 16-gauge porcelain enameled steel bonded to a expanded aluminum honeycomb, a sheet of 24 gauge galvanized steel, of cellular insulation ( marketed as Foamglas ) and finally an interior 18 gauge steel skin.

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