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English-Hindi > hematochezia

hematochezia meaning in Hindi

hematochezia sentence in Hindi
1.Lower gastrointestinal bleeding sources usually present with hematochezia or frank blood.

2.This too, is a differential sign that is sometimes mistaken for hematochezia.

3.It is used where there is " hematochezia, hemorrhoidal swelling and pain ".

4.Signs of gastrointestinal disease ( Haemorrhagic Enteritis ) include diarrhea, anorexia, melena and hematochezia.

5.The presence of hematochezia is six-times greater in a LGIB than with a UGIB.

6.Bright red stool, called hematochezia, is the sign of a fast moving active GI bleed.

7."' Huaijiao Wan "'( ) is a blackish-brown pill used in Traditional Chinese medicine to " arrest bleeding by reducing heat from blood in treating hematochezia ".

8.:Hematochezia is similarly the passage of feces that are bright red due to the presence of undigested blood, either from lower in the digestive tract, or from a more active source in the upper digestive tract.

9.It is used where there is " " deficiency syndrome " of both the heart and the spleen marked by shortness of breath, cardiac palpitation, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, dizziness, lassitude, anorexia, excessive menstrual discharge or hematochezia ".

passage of stools containing blood (as from diverticulosis or colon cancer or peptic ulcer)
Synonyms: haematochezia,

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