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English-Hindi > heydays

heydays meaning in Hindi

heydays sentence in Hindi
1.In its heyday, there were 24 saloons and dance halls.

2.Alan Rudolph's name-dropping celebration of their heyday.

3.But there are still remnants of the area's heyday.

4.Trawlers in their heyday could sometimes catch 50 tons an hour.

5.Johnson said of his start during the heyday of Hollywood westerns.

6.The heyday for educational programs in prisons came in the 1980s.

7.In his heyday he was the emperor of all he surveyed.

8.But the telescope's early heyday didn't last.

9.Even in his heyday, Muhammad Ali was never this outrageous.

10.The microelectronics revolution has come far since Shockley's heyday.

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