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English-Hindi > hitchhike

hitchhike meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'hitʃhaik ]  sound:  
hitchhike sentence in Hindi
1.Rose Kennedy, he declared firmly, never would hitchhike home.

2.Traore said he retorted before making his way back by hitchhiking.

3."The girls were hitchhiking, " he said.

4.I hitchhiked out from Dublin, where I was a student.

5.They spread across the continent in the same way _ hitchhiking.

6.I'd walk before I'd hitchhike ."

7.He says that his mostly Irish staff hitchhikes all the time.

8.It may have hitchhiked in an infected bird smuggled in baggage.

9.Brennan does not stand around hitchhiking alongside the road of life.

10.Instead, they hitchhiked to the west German city of Braunschweig.

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travel by getting free rides from motorists
Synonyms: hitch, thumb,

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