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hotfoots sentence in Hindi

"hotfoots" meaning in Hindihotfoots in a sentence
  • Operation Hotfoot had suffered five killed in action during its duties.
  • Under incoming American President John F . Kennedy, Hotfoot was rapidly expanded.
  • A second Hotfoot contingent rotated in for duty.
  • This center would be an all-Hotfoot operation, with no French involved.
  • The Operation Hotfoot moniker changed to Operation Monkhood.
  • But she was late for the liaison and Cain hotfoots it to a willing Ollie.
  • Not only that, but Hotfoot's fear has been taken away as well.
  • Gaby and Renee emerge and when the limo is gone they hotfoot it to the wedding.
  • Reluctantly, Hotfoot accepts the mission.
  • At the same time, the Hotfoot V teams were also renamed as Operation White Star.
  • Having been delayed in arrival, the Hotfoot contingent now found itself balked by Lao internal politics.
  • Hobbs had preciously trained both Hotfoot and Tanara, as well as Tanara's sire Romulus.
  • Snowy winters mean strong boot sales, and hot summers generally induce consumers to hotfoot it to footwear boutiques.
  • In Vientiane, American officials, the Project Hotfoot teams, and the Programs Evaluation Office did not choose a side.
  • Emblematic of the change, the Hotfoot teams donned their U . S . uniforms and became White Star Mobile Training Teams.
  • Brennan played with Auto Da F? then later with Dublin jazz band Hotfoot during the 1980s until it disbanded in 1987.
  • At the end of the 1980s he went on to play with the Fleadh Cowboys, Hotfoot and regularly accompanied Kieran Halpin.
  • It blithely spends millions to build the M Coupe _ a car of inspired homeliness _ just to give auto writers a hotfoot.
  • Eventually two more colorful characters joined the gang, inept private detective Sniffer Snoop and his pet Hotfoot, a baby polar bear.
  • At first he was called "'Hotfoot Teddy "', but he was later renamed Smokey, after the mascot.
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