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English-Hindi > houseman

houseman meaning in Hindi

noun plural: housemen   
houseman sentence in Hindi
1.Carl Houseman is a deputy sheriff in Nation County, Iowa.

2.Salomon Smith Barney informed the caller that John Houseman is dead.

3.At the John Houseman Theater, 450 W . 42nd St.

4.The ensemble production debuts this month at the John Houseman Theatre.

5.It was directed by Vincente Minnelli and produced by John Houseman.

6.The tavern later became a coffee house kept by James Houseman.

7.Midfielders John Hollins and Peter Houseman did not miss a game.

8.The people running the Celtics want stool pigeons and housemen.

9.At the John Houseman Theater, 450 West 42nd Street, Clinton.

10.Let people call the Houseman Theater if they want information.

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an advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised practical experience (`houseman'' is a British term)
Synonyms: intern, interne, medical intern,

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