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English-Hindi > housetops

housetops meaning in Hindi

housetops sentence in Hindi
1.The fuselage crashed into the starboard side of the housetop.

2.She was a trustee of Housetop Center for Women's Ministries.

3.In 1995 Housetop published " How To Make Sense of God ".

4.Gale force winds piling snow up to the housetops.

5.Corrugated tin roofing was peeled off housetops as if they were sardine cans.

6.The single was backed by the song " Up on the Housetop ".

7.He composed " Up On The Housetop " as a Christmas sing-along.

8.It was a lively occasion with all space taken, including windows and housetops.

9.I would rather go out there and scream to the housetops than play it cool.

10.Up on the housetop, reindeer pause . . . out jumps dear old Santa Claus.

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