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English-Hindi > humming sound

humming sound meaning in Hindi

humming sound sentence in Hindi

गुंजन ध्वनि
humming    भिनभिनाहट गुंजन
sound    आवाज आवाज़ आहट
1.People outside at the time the quake struck reported a humming sound.

2.A drowsy humming sound and the murmur of flowing water can be discerned.

3.People in Campobasso reported a humming sound when the quake struck.

4.Once inside, Epsilon begins to make humming sounds, which alarms Caboose.

5.Hummers : A small tube that spins and creates a screaming or humming sound.

6.He doesn t speak, but communicates with body language, expressive eyebrows, and humming sounds.

7.Individuals vary, but most alpacas generally make a humming sound.

8.The names blend to form a shrill humming sound.

9.During the northern lapwing's zigzagging display flight, the bird's outer primaries produce a humming sound.

10.Trailing behind the flying hummingbird like thin black streamers, these feathers make a humming sound.

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