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English-Hindi > hummock

hummock meaning in Hindi

hummock sentence in Hindi
1.It is sometimes found in the lower parts of hummock grass.

2.The settlement is in the south east, near Hummock Point.

3.In southwest Australia they occur in hummock grass in mallee.

4.It nests underground and aboveground in structures and grass hummocks.

5.-- Goose Hummock, Orleans : ( 508 ) 255-0455.

6.The major centres of the municipality are Hunter Island and Three Hummock Island.

7.Recent research on cryogenic hummocks has focused on their role as environmental indicators.

8.On the accessible side a hummock bars the way.

9.As the hummocks rose, the scientists packed up their equipment and watched uneasily.

10.The floor has numerous hummocks and rough spots.

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a small natural hill
Synonyms: knoll, mound, hillock, hammock,

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