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English-Hindi > hydrophobia

hydrophobia meaning in Hindi

hydrophobia sentence in Hindi
1.However, Wang Janggun had hydrophobia, and refused to come.

2."Hydrophobia " received mixed reviews from critics.

3.Her favorite Stella setter had contracted hydrophobia and eventually had to be destroyed.

4.They play shows with international acts Truth Corroded, Sludge, Hydrophobia, Defiled.

5.Sanderson takes Travis aside and warns him of the growing plague, hydrophobia ( rabies ).

6.He is a true dwarf in this regard, and harbors a deep sense of hydrophobia.

7.Review scores generally improved after the release of the " Hydrophobia Pure " update.

8.He was bit by a rabid dog and died of hydrophobia on September 5, 1882.

9.Fortunately, the boars did not have hydrophobia, and both Travis and Old Yeller fully recover.

10.In questioning Hugh, Poirot hears of his dreams which always seem to include elements of hydrophobia.

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an acute viral disease of the nervous system of warm-blooded animals (usually transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal); rabies is fatal if the virus reaches the brain
Synonyms: rabies, lyssa, madness,

a morbid fear of water

a symptom of rabies in humans consisting of an aversion to swallowing liquids

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