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English-Hindi > iambi

iambi meaning in Hindi

iambi sentence in Hindi
1.The 50, 000 Iambi speak a slightly divergent dialect, sometimes listed as a distinct language.

2.The collected fragments were included in volume II of " Iambi et Elegi Graeci ante Alexandrum cantati " by M . L . West.

3."' Iramba "', also known as "'Nilamba "'( there is no distinction between and ) is a Bantu language of spoken by the Nilamba and Iambi people of the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania.

4.Also buried there is Roger ( " Rhody " ) Sheedy ( 1854 1942 ), a great horseman sometimes referred to as " the last of the bushrangers ", who in his later years lived in a small cottage on " Iambi Park ", Morongla.

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