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English-Hindi > ibex

ibex meaning in Hindi

noun plural: ibices   
ibex sentence in Hindi
1.Spain's Ibex 35 index gained 14.70 percent.

2.Spain's Ibex 35 index gained 17.09 percent.

3.In Madrid, the IBEX finished 0.01 percent higher.

4.For all of 1996, the IBEX rose about 27 percent.

5.The IBEX has now gained more than 39 percent in 1996.

6.It was the fourth gain in five days for the IBEX.

7.It was the fifth gain in six days for the IBEX.

8.The IBEX was trading at its lowest level in five months.

9.The ibex pawed the ground, lowered his head and charged.

10.There were dozens of drawings of argali, ibex and horses.

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wild goat of mountain areas of Eurasia and northern Africa having large recurved horns
Synonyms: Capra ibex,

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