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English-Hindi > ibrd

ibrd meaning in Hindi

ibrd sentence in Hindi
1.The IBRD till then was concentrating on investments in physical capital.

2.The IBRD also offers loans in interest rate caps and floors, and commodity swaps.

3.Only the United States contribution of $ 570 million was actually available for IBRD lending.

4.After the 1999 war, WHO, IBRD and European Union helped the health system.

5.Located along IBRD Expressway, Brgy.

6.The IBRD has 189 member governments, and the other institutions have between 153 and 184 members.

7.The World Bank raises the funds to support these IBRD loans by selling bonds on the open market.

8.The USSR never joined the IMF and IBRD, though its successor the Russian Federation did in 1992.

9.World Bank loans to Iran come only from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( IBRD ).

10.In 1996 he was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of global research consultancy IBRD-Rostrum Inc.

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