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English-Hindi > imprecate

imprecate meaning in Hindi

imprecate sentence in Hindi
1.The purpose of such oaths had the effect of the witness renouncing the mercy and imprecates the vengeance of Heaven if he did not speak the truth.

2.Penderecki, whose Third Symphony had its first American hearing at Carnegie Hall on Saturday night, suggested another image, that of the crowd or mob that howls, roars, whispers and imprecates.

3.Nonetheless, while bathing late at night, " when the moon is high " ( 7 ), they make an exhibition of themselves, splashing the " cold mountain stream water on their nipples " ( 9 ), removing their skirts and imprecating loudly.

4.ZTE and Lozada articles may be included to IMPROVE crab mentality, in the same manner, that I am writing a manuscript on WORD to improve Psalm 109, the most powerful biblical curse I ever used to imprecate crab mentality forum and blogspot / internet users, inter alia.

5.Currently the North Carolina General statute on oath taking ( ?1-2 ) states : ( emphasis added )  Judges and other persons who may be empowered to administer oaths, shall ( except in the cases in this Chapter excepted ) "'require the party to be sworn to lay his hand upon the Holy Scriptures "', in token of his engagement to speak the truth and in further token that, if he should swerve from the truth, he may be justly deprived of all the blessings of the holy book and made liable to that vengeance which he has imprecated on his own head . 

utter obscenities or profanities; "The drunken men were cursing loudly in the street"
Synonyms: curse, cuss, blaspheme, swear,

wish harm upon; invoke evil upon; "The bad witch cursed the child"
Synonyms: curse, beshrew, damn, bedamn, anathemize, anathemise, maledict,

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