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English-Hindi > inchoative

inchoative meaning in Hindi

inchoative sentence in Hindi
1.This type formed durative, iterative or perhaps inchoative verbs.

2.Other affixes express inchoative aspect, instrumental function or purpose.

3.Two groups of such tenses exist in modern Lithuanian : Perfect and Inchoative.

4.Inchoative verbs are also known as anticausative verbs.

5.Note the absence of the present inchoative tense.

6.The imperative mood has three forms or tenses ( simple, perfect and inchoative ).

7.The perfective aspect often includes a contextual variation similar to an inchoative aspect or state.

8.Since inchoative is a grammatical aspect and not a Ukrainian, and in other Slavic languages.

9.There are derivational suffixes for verbs, which carry frequentative, momentane, causative, and inchoative aspect meanings.

10.Inchoative verbs in German are marked either by the reflexive pronoun  sich, or not marked at all.

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aspect with regard to the beginning of the action of the verb
Synonyms: inchoative aspect,

beginning to develop; "inchoative stages"

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