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English-Hindi > income tax department

income tax department meaning in Hindi

income tax department sentence in Hindi

आय कर विभाग
income    मुनाफा लाभ
income tax    आयकर आय कर
tax    चुंगी टैक्स दाम
department    अंग क्षेत्र
1.The Income Tax Department has already initiated a probe into this.

2.The format is specified by the Income Tax Department of India.

3.The income tax department building is also located in the neighbourhood.

4.It is investigated by the Enforcement Directorate and Indian Income Tax Department.

5.The Income Tax Department is the biggest revenue mobilizer for the Government.

6.It is handled by the Indian Income Tax Department.

7.They must submit their reports to the Enforcement Directorate and income tax department.

8.For a time, he was employed by the federal Income Tax department.

9.The Donations made to this Samitti is exempted from the Income Tax Department.

10.These institutes impart training to various cadres of the Income Tax Department within their jurisdictions.

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