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English-Hindi > incorrectness

incorrectness meaning in Hindi

incorrectness sentence in Hindi
1.The political incorrectness of guns worries those those who love them.

2.Of course, he is also a walking monument to sociocultural incorrectness.

3.To others it is just a case of diplomatic incorrectness.

4.Pauline Hanson has made a career out of political incorrectness.

5.Do we not have here the epitome of political incorrectness in our time?

6."Operation Condor " goes right off the political incorrectness scale.

7.More than any other Chan caper, this one flirts with political incorrectness.

8.The show was also criticised for its political incorrectness.

9.Too bad, because it wastes what could have been some piquant political incorrectness.

10.There is nudity and political incorrectness galore in " Sherman Oaks ."

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the quality of not conforming to fact or truth
Synonyms: wrongness,

lack of conformity to social expectations

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