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English-Hindi > indris

indris meaning in Hindi

indris sentence in Hindi
1.Different indri groups typically sing sequentially, responding to one another.

2.Most legends establish a closer relationship between the indri and humans.

3.The indri cries in mourning for his brother who went astray.

4.The indri is laurel family featuring prominently in the diet.

5.Indri meat is prized as a delicacy in some regions.

6.Unlike any other living lemur, the indri has only a rudimentary tail.

7.An indri caught him and carried him to safety.

8.However, many Malagasy people do believe that the indri worships the sun.

9.Some lemurs, such as the indri, use crypsis to camouflage themselves.

10.There are also widespread " fady " about indri and sifakas.

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