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English-Hindi > infantrymen

infantrymen meaning in Hindi

infantrymen sentence in Hindi
1.He was a teen-age infantryman in the 101st Airborne.

2.The infantryman's role is the hardest job in combat.

3.He served as an infantryman at the Battle of the Bulge.

4.Rowe Stayton looks every bit the typical Army infantryman in Iraq.

5.As for the infantrymen, they would be sitting inside it.

6.Israeli infantrymen assaulted the triple line of trenches in the east.

7.Even with his concentration, infantrymen were spaced an unacceptable apart.

8.Infantrymen and cavalrymen carried spears for thrusting and javelins for throwing.

9.Instead, most infantryman used their rifles to fire individual shots.

10.His first burst killed or wounded about half of these infantrymen.

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