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English-Hindi > infatuates

infatuates meaning in Hindi

infatuates sentence in Hindi
1.Blanket statements : Like Linus, designers seemed infatuated with blankets.

2.Infatuated with him at first, she eventually tries to disengage.

3.Others, lots of others, are also infatuated with Millhone.

4.Her mother was infatuated with the arts, particularly the theater.

5.Peter Boal played the passionate Poet who becomes infatuated with her.

6.Gary becomes infatuated with a lap dancer in a strip club.

7.BELGIUM LOVES TENNIS : Suddenly, Belgium is infatuated with tennis.

8.Her marriage did not stop the steady stream of infatuated men.

9.Left a widow, Emily Hammond became infatuated with Frank Buchman.

10.Wright was quickly infatuated, and the two began a relationship.

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