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English-Hindi > inferiorities

inferiorities meaning in Hindi

inferiorities sentence in Hindi
1."Don't start out with an inferiority complex.

2.SoCal has an inferiority complex because of jungle fever across America.

3.A lot of that comes from this historical sense of inferiority.

4.Science could do with a rebuttal to hypotheses of genetic inferiority.

5.Buddy and Tommy run towns with built-in inferiority complexes.

6.That's hard for a kid with an inferiority complex!

7.I wonder if there is some kind of mass inferiority complex.

8.Fashion is for fools, phonies and folks with inferiority complexes.

9._Usually are masking feelings of inferiority or need for approval.

10.An inferiority complex _ you have to fight it every day,

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