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infernal sentence in Hindi

"infernal" meaning in Hindiinfernal in a sentence
  • I have been caught up in an infernal grinding of gears,
  • "And what's that infernal racket ?"
  • We can hear the infernal noise of vehicles on the interstate.
  • Compared with that infernal racket, the street is an oasis.
  • It will be very hard to climb up this infernal hierarchy.
  • He curses science and faith, and asks for infernal guidance.
  • Hope accepted the bargain and was transported into the infernal realms.
  • The sigil would destroy her if she entered the infernal realms.
  • She accompanies Jones during his search for the Babylonian Infernal Machine.
  • The novel was also nominated for a Infernal Devices ".
  • Gene numbers are based on computational analysis using the program Infernal.
  • He teaches folks how to approach and deal with the infernal contraption.
  • John Rechy's account of the infernal side of Times Square.
  • It can even be mounted via infernal machine _ train or auto.
  • Then you can avoid the infernal and latch on to the eternal.
  • It's that infernal wriggling in the trap that infuriates us.
  • And that infernal Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas over the loudspeakers.
  • Turn off the infernal machine and stir in the cranberries.
  • But I found that those infernal ice chips interfered with serious drinking.
  • Wonder if those infernal clucking sounds I keep hearing are chicken ghosts,
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